Sarah Omope

Sarah Omope

Client Manager

Sarah Omope joined Judge & Priestley in 2007 after having already gained experience in debt recovery whilst working for a bank.

At J&P Credit Solutions Sarah is a Client Manager for our Local Authority clients including 11 of the London boroughs, local councils, ALMOs and TMOs. She manages a team of six people, assigning files and supervising work processes.

Sarah works very closely with her team and uses her project management, negotiation and communication skills to ensure they meet their targets and deliver a great service to clients.

Sarah also works closely with her clients to provide regular updates in the form of bespoke management information reports and performance reports. She always remains one step ahead by implementing change where required and keeping abreast of changes in the law and the industry to ensure that our processes and actions meet our clients' needs.

Annually, Sarah attends the CIH Leasehold Conference where changes in the housing industry are emphasized and new strategies being considered are discussed with a panel of experts.

In addition, Sarah provides in-house training to a number of clients on a range of topics to include the general debt recovery process.