J&P Credit Solutions has specialised in providing value for money debt recovery solutions for more than 125 years. We believe that no client is too small to benefit from our tailored collection processes and we ensure that our service is cost-effective and fair for all our customers regardless of size.

Our dedicated SME Collections team has the knowledge and scope to handle single, multiple and bulk volume debts. So whether you’re a sole trader, a micro company, or even a multi-national corporation we can tailor a solution that is right for you.

With J&P Credit Solutions you can expect a complete end to end service that meets all of your debt recovery needs. Unlike many debt collection agencies we can effectively deal with both pre-legal collections as well as legal proceedings . This means that, once we have exhausted our collections strategy, we can seamlessly move your file from pre-legal to legal activity without the need to instruct a third party. As such, our service can be a more cost-effective, time-saving and convenient solution for you.

Why we're more than a DCA


Our online portal

All of our clients have access to our online case management system where they can view details of each debt they have instructed us to recover. The information available includes the debt balance, payments received, any interest due on the debt and all correspondence that we have made with the customer. Our online portal facilitates the transparent, ethical and compliant service that we strive to deliver.  ​

The main features of our service:

  • One-off debts
  • 24/7 online access to monitor your cases
  • Bulk volume debts
  • Downloadable reports from our online portal
  • Legal proceedings
  • Regular contact to keep you informed
  • Insolvency
  • A dedicated client manager

How much will it cost

At J&P Credit Solutions we believe that we should only be rewarded when we succeed for our clients. To that end we typically negotiate a CFA pricing structure to ensure that our fees are fair and aligned with the outcome of our actions and advice.

Our pricing is typically dependent on volume, value and debt type; as such we would need to discuss the nature of your debt before advising on cost.

Generally, for single debts we can send a letter before action for as little as £2 plus VAT per letter. For bulk volume debts we can negotiate a discounted rate dependent on the nature, volume and value of the debt.

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Why choose us

  • You can stop spending your valuable time chasing late payments and focus on what you do best
  • Unlike many DCAs we provide a comprehensive service from start to finish
  • Our pricing is flexible and tailored to suit you
  • We have more than 125 years’ experience in debt recovery
  • Whatever your requirements, we can accommodate them!