At J&P Credit Solutions we offer debt recovery services in business lending, consumer credit, credit unions and currency exchange debts.

Our specialist lawyers deliver a range of collection services to financial clients. Whether it is single-debt or bulk recovery, we work proactively and professionally to get outstanding monies paid.

Clients rely on us as a single contact point for the entire process. Being a law firm enables us to handle debt recovery from the very beginning through to representation at court, if that becomes necessary. For you this makes things simple and straightforward. For our team it means continuity. For us both it brings about successful results. We use a sophisticated IT case management system which gives instant access to progress reports on each case. It also enables us to keep track of the clients’ specific requirements about the handling of each matter, even where bulk recoveries are involved. This is important to us because we recognise that every relationship with each one of our clients is different.

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