J&P Credit Solutions has become one of the leading suppliers of debt recovery solutions to the Utilities sector in recent years, with several major national utilities businesses as clients.

We understand that Utilities debt recoveries are uniquely challenging, with many technical complications, high levels of disputed claims and a strict focus on compliance and the complex issues of customer fairness and vulnerability.        

Being dual authorised and regulated by both the FCA and the SRA, J&P Credit Solutions   compliance expertise is industry leading and backed up by the rigorous application of our own internal policy for treating all customers fairly.

This level of expertise has not been achieved lightly. We have been investing heavily in our collections teams for the over two years. This period has seen;

  • The appointment of key personnel with significant experience of utilities collections including: Mark Bailey (Director of Collections), Stephen Molden (Compliance Officer) and Nick Krauspe (Collections Performance Manager)
  • Investment in the key IT and communications technology to support compliant bulk collections of both regulated and unregulated debt types
  • The acquisition of advanced in-house data analytics capacity
  • The introduction of comprehensive training programmes for all staff in the delivery of robust, but appropriately empathetic, collections processes with due regard for vulnerability issues
  • The delivery of bespoke systems integration solutions from our dedicated in-house IT development team.

At J&P Credit Solutions we do not believe that utility recoveries need to be restricted solely to pre-legal collections activity. We think there is a place in a comprehensive utilities recovery programme for legal recovery strategies, appropriately informed by quantitative data analytics and qualitative experience of success and recovery rates.

We can offer seamlessly integrated solutions to analyse and progress appropriate matters to legal recovery activities, as always with full regard for issues of customer fairness, vulnerability and reputational management.

Our long established and well known legal team, led by Legal 500 listed partner Rachel Addai and recently promoted partner Uday Patel, have a wealth of experience in successfully managing legal recoveries for their clients. They are also proud of their reputation for innovative approaches to risk sharing and cost neutral pricing solutions.

To find out more about our market leading skills and expertise in utilities recoveries, please contact our business development team on 020 8290 7096.

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