• Welcome to J&P Credit Solutions

    Our aim is to provide answers to your debt recovery problems, no matter what they may be. The specific expertise of each of our teams in Collections, Claims and Enforcement and Litigation means that we can offer the best recovery solutions to any client.

    We truly are a one stop shop for all your recovery needs.

  • Our People

    Technology has revolutionised debt recovery, but people remain at the heart of the process and we believe our people make the difference.

    All our people have to pass a rigorous J&P Credit Solutions six month training programme, but their development does not stop there. On-going training and development enable our teams to continuously enhance the service we deliver.

    Meet the team
  • Treating Customers Fairly

    We believe that everyone we come into contact with should be treated fairly, with respect and due consideration for any vulnerability issues.

    To achieve this, we have developed our own internal Treating Customers Fairly policy which is rigorously enforced through regular monitoring and on-going staff training. By treating all customers fairly we look to protect the good reputation of our clients and to deliver practical and realistic solutions to their customer’s issues.

  • Our Technology

    Best practice modern debt recovery is underpinned by the use of advanced technologies. J&P Credit Solutions continues to invest in:

    • state of the art IT and case management systems
    • integrated multi-channel, high volume communications technology
    • advanced data analytics capacity and
    • bespoke systems integration solutions
  • Data Analytics

    Market leading recovery rates are invariably informed by advanced data analytics. At J&P Credit Solutions we have our own in-house analytics team dedicated to supporting our clients with:

    • ► the management and sharing of risk and return,
    • ► continuously improving recovery strategies and
    • ► prioritising workload to maximise recoveries
  • Data Security

    J&P Credit Solutions treat the security of all client data with the utmost seriousness.

    To this end, we are accredited with ISO27001, the international standard for best practice in information security and the UK government backed Cyber Essentials Plus award. Both accreditations are independently audited on a regular basis.

  • Going the Extra Mile

    Whether it is developing innovative risk sharing and cost neutral pricing solutions, delivering bespoke system integrations, creating innovative new service concepts, pursing complex subrogated insurance claims, training clients on legal developments or advising clients on maximising their recoveries at J&P Credit Solutions we pride ourselves on Going the Extra Mile.    

Treating Customers Fairly

Financial Difficulties

We understand the COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact on the ability of people to maintain their commitments to creditors. If you are facing financial difficulties impacting your ability to pay the monies you owe, please contact us to discuss repayment options with you...

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Special Circumstances

We are conscious that there may be personal circumstances that make it difficult for you to address your financial commitments. If you feel that your ability to address your debt is being impacted by circumstances outside of your control, we would like to understand...

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We hope that you feel you are being listened to and treated fairly and in a transparent manner. If you are unhappy in the way you have been treated or think that we could have done something better, we would like you to let us know. Fell free to call us on...

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Calculate the interest due on a debt you are owed

Find out how much late payment interest you can recover, by using our simple interest calculator.


Cyber Crime

Cyber-crime is on the rise during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please be mindful of suspicious emails. If you receive an email from Judge & Priestley and are unsure of its legitimacy, please contact us to confirm its validity.