Fixed fees and charges for non defended cases

Business to business debt recovery

The fees below are an illustration of our standard costs for dealing with a claim for the recovery of the debt due under an unpaid invoice.

The costs cover the work we do from the point of issuing a letter of claim, to obtaining judgment where the claim is not disputed and where enforcement action is not required. If the other party disputes your claim at any point, we will discuss any further work required and provide you with revised advice about costs if necessary, which could be on a fixed fee or hour rate basis.

The fees apply to standard cases, where it is appropriate for us to deal with any claim through the County Court Business Centre. Where you have a complex or high value matter, where a bespoke approach is required, we are able to provide you with a tailored cost and time estimate.

The fees below do not include the costs of seeking to enforce any judgment obtained we can advise you separately of your enforcement options and the costs and time involved in taking that action.

The fees quoted are for a one off, or low volume of cases. If you require assistance with your regular, or bulk legal and / or non legal debt recovery matters, please contact us to discuss our discounted bulk rates and bespoke strategy and pricing solutions.


We will prepare and send on your behalf a compliant Letter of Claim. Our charges for this phase of work are as follows :

  • A fixed fee of £75.00 plus VAT
  • We also charge a commission of 10% on any sum we recover on your behalf.


Where it becomes necessary to issue legal proceedings we will charge you the following fixed fees for issuing the claim at court. The sum you will have to pay at this stage is made up of the following:

  • Our Fee (A) Recoverable Element – This is the part of our fee you are able to claim back from the Debtor.
  • Our Fee (B) Non Recoverable Element – This part of our fee is payable by you, but not generally recoverable from the Debtor, unless you have a contractual provision which allows you to claim all of your costs of recovery action. We can consider what you can claim back once we have reviewed your case. The breakdown below assumes that this element of our fee is non recoverable.
  • Court Issue Fee – A fee is payable to the court for issuing the claim, again this fee is recoverable from the Debtor.

Our fees are scaled, based on the value of the sum you are claiming. Below is a breakdown of the fees, along with an illustration of the total sum you would have to pay and what proportion of that sum you can claim back from your Debtor


In addition to the sums due for Issuing a Claim, where we make a request for Judgment against your Debtor, we charge the fees below depending on the value of the claim and the circumstances in which Judgment is obtained.  The costs below are all recoverable from the Debtor.


In addition to the fixed fees we charge we also charge a commission on any debt or interest we recover for you after we issue proceedings. Our commission rate on monies recovered after we have issued a claim is reduced to 5%.  Generally this charge is not recoverable from the Debtor, unless your contract provides for the recovery of all costs. We can advise you on what is recoverable once we have considered your case.


It is difficult to provide a precise time estimate of how long it will take to conclude a matter. However on a case which is undisputed, where we issue a claim and obtain a Judgment in Default, which the Debtor promptly pays, it will usually take between 8 – 10 weeks for the matter to be resolved from the point you first instruct us.

If the matter is disputed or enforcement action is required, it is likely to take longer to resolve.


Any legal recovery work conducted on your behalf will be carried out by suitably qualified staff from our Claims and Enforcement team or our Legal Recoveries team. To view profiles of the solicitors and senior managers in J&P Credit Solutions, please click here.

To discuss bulk pricing with us please contact our business development team on 020 8290 7400.