Crown Commercial Service Supplier


J&P Credit Solutions is the specialist debt recovery division of Judge & Priestley LLP solicitors. We have wide ranging experience of successfully collecting public sector debts across an extremely broad spectrum. This experience was reflected in our appointment in 2019 to the new Crown Commercial Service Wider Public Services Legal Services Panel Agreement (RMRM3788), to supply public sector debt recovery services throughout England and wales.

Expert recoveries, on budget, on time.

EXPERT - The team at J&P Credit Solutions are experts in debt recovery for the public sector. We have specialist collectors working across the full range of pre-legal and legal recoveries and have developed specialised product solutions for the recovery of what are often considered difficult or sensitive debts.

ON BUDGET - Typically we try to share the risks and rewards with our clients. As a general rule, we believe that we should only receive our fees if we make a viable recovery for the client. For most types of public sector debt, including difficult debt types such as deceased debtors or service charge issues, we can usually agree a suitable conditional fee arrangement (CFA). Once this is fixed, our fees are transparent, enabling you to manage your future budgeting and outgoings confident in the knowledge that there will be no unpleasant surprises from J&P CS.

ON TIME - As part of the overall process of agreeing our terms of business with a client, we will also agree the detailed bespoke strategy’s and processes to be delivered by J&P CS on their behalf. We will then agree a service level agreement to measure our performance against and provide real time online access to the case load to enable the client to monitor and measure our performance against the targets and indicators included in the SLA.   

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