Adult social care

At J&P Credit Solutions we have over 25 years’ experience of working with local authority clients to successfully recover various debt types and have built a strong reputation in the area of Adult Social Care recoveries. We believe we can help you to increase your recoveries, whilst being mindful at all times of your compliance commitments and good reputation.

The recovery of adult social care charges is a highly complex area. Many cases are disputed and can become protracted with procedural issues, legal and technical complexities and vulnerability issues. Historically many authorities have therefore put the pursuit of these “difficult cases” to the back of the list.

We are working with an increasing list of local authority clients to take a more proactive approach in this area. In our experience, appropriately identified cases handled with due care and consideration can be successfully pursued, with a significant proportion of debts successfully recovered.

Typically our experts in ASC litigation will work in partnership with the local authority in-house team to:

  • Lead a review and prioritise outstanding and disputed ASC cases
  • On a case by case basis, advise on the best approach and the likelihood of a successful outcome 
  • Propose a cost neutral fee agreement to limit your exposure to fees and costs in the event of an unsuccessful outcome
  • Ensure we treat all customers involved fairly and with due regard for vulnerability issues to protect your good reputation
  • Regularly feedback on progress and review the further options available
  • Pursue the case to its settlement or closure as agreed.

We are successfully helping several major London Authorities to make significant recoveries in the area of ASC debts. For more information on our solutions to your ASC debt issues, please contact our business development team on 020 8290 7400.