About Us

In recent years, the business of debt recovery has been changing rapidly. The regulatory and compliance frameworks have become ever more complex, particularly in relation to the fair treatment of all customers and technological advances in communications and data analytics have driven productivity in an increasingly challenging operational environment. These trends have impacted both pre-legal collections and legal debt recovery strategies and procedures.

J&P Credit Solutions has thrived in these challenging times, whilst many traditional debt recovery businesses have fallen by the wayside. We have embraced the opportunities these changes have brought by;

  • Offering single, seamlessly integrated, solutions from bulk pre-legal collections through to appropriate legal recovery strategies.
  • Being licensed and regulated by both the SRA and the FCA – we are experts in the recovery of both regulated and unregulated debts.
  • Developing our own internal and rigorously applied policy for treating all customers fairly.
  • Investing significantly in the following areas:
    • Multi-channel high volume communications technology
    • Advanced data analytics capacity
    • Integration of our data and case management systems with our client’s in-house systems.
    • Staff training in delivering robust, but appropriately empathetic, collections processes with due regard for vulnerability issues.
  • Working with clients to develop innovative risk sharing and cost neutral pricing solutions.


To find out more about our market leading skills and expertise in delivering solutions to your debt recovery issues, please contact our business development team on 020 8290 7400.


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