Case management

As part of our commitment to providing a transparent service, we offer all clients online access to our state of the art case management system. The system holds relevant and detailed information about each individual debt that a client has instructed us to recover, including access to all correspondence we have made with the customer including letters and telephone calls.

Each user has login details to access the system 24/7. From within the system itself a client can send a direct instruction to the file handler advising them of what action needs to be taken. The relevant team or individual working on the case will then be notified that a task has been raised.

Clients who instruct bulk volumes can make use of the system’s work schedule. This feature enables tasks to be allocated to various client officers so they each have their own work schedule and can better manage and monitor large caseloads.

Additionally for bulk clients, we are also experienced at implementing bespoke systems integration projects to facilitate the direct and secure electronic transfer of data between our systems to embed our activity within your own in-house workflows and procedures.

Key benefits of our Online Case Management System include;

  • 24/7 online access to review cases at your convenience
  • Access to all communication we’ve had with the default payer
  • Quick access to review financial information
  • Download standard reports in just a few clicks
  • Request a bespoke report to suit your needs
  • Gain a transparent overview of your cases
  • Increased efficiency in dealing with cases
  • Carefully manage and monitor large caseloads.