J&P Credit Solutions strengthens its international collections


Debt recovery specialist J&P Credit Solutions has partnered with the TCM Group, a global network of debt collection providers, to enhance its international recovery services.

J&P Credit Solutions currently acts on behalf of a number of clients who look to pursue and recover debt from customers based overseas. However, the firm can only carry out recovery action where local law permits it to do so; occasionally there are differing rules that prevent non-resident firms from collecting debt or issuing legal proceedings in foreign jurisdictions. In these instances J&P Credit Solutions would have been unable to act on behalf of its clients. However, now that the firm has become an agent of the TCM Group, local laws will no longer be a barrier to international recoveries.

The TCM Group is a global network of local debt collection agencies and debt recovery solicitors that has a presence in more than 145 countries. The alliance is considered to be ‘one of the most powerful and effective international debt collection instruments on the market’. All agents within the network are local, qualified and licensed. They must also adhere to high quality controls and perform to high standards.

J&P Credit Solutions now has access to these agents based throughout the world, and so where necessary the firm can appoint a local agency to act on its behalf. J&P assures its clients that ‘quality of service is of the utmost importance to us so even where a case is referred to an external agent we will retain control and management of the case. We will ensure the agent meets our agreed service standards. We will conduct regular performance reviews of any agents we utilise and if we take the view they are not complying with required performance levels we will take appropriate action’.

Partner Rachel Addai comments on the partnership “J&P Credit Solutions is proud to become a UK representative and agent of the network. As a result the firm can expand its service offering to both new and existing clients in dealing with cases on a global scale. We are always looking to improve the service we offer to clients and this is just one of many ways in which we intend to stay ahead of the curve. We look forward to engaging with other agents in the network”.  


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