Q&A with Collections Performance Manager Nick Krauspe

Nick Krauspe  joined Judge & Priestley Credit Solutions in January 2018 and has worked within the collections industry for the past 11 years. He has a considerable amount of experience and knowledge with debt purchase, contingent placement debt and working directly for lenders.

Q.1. Give three examples of how your role at J&P Credit Solutions benefits our collections clients?

I come from a collections background, and have worked with all types of debt during my 11 year career, including being the client working with debt collection agencies. What this means for our clients is that I have an insight into the changes in regulations and also the changes in our clients’ needs and demands within the industry. This gives our clients a holistic collections approach to their debt.

I’m a big believer in the 3 P’s (People, Process and Productivity) and manage that way. This has meant that there have been a few changes that have been made to ensure that all our clients get the best quality service that we can provide. This covers off bespoke training for our agents, based on individual clients requirements, in-depth feedback to our team on what they are doing right and what needs works and individual development programmes. What this means for our clients is that they can rest assured their accounts are being worked by trained and content agents. The processes that we have introduced have allowed us to create new strategies based on what our clients need, from a work rate and compliance perspective. This makes it a much smoother, proactive flow to our work load. These two factors put together means we are working at much more efficient and productive way.

Lastly I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty and join in with the team on the frontline. This keeps me aware of what is happening and keeps me up to date with what the team experience daily. This drive pushes the team to want to do better as they can see my dedication and passion towards the work.


Q.2. How can SME businesses benefit from using J&P Credit Solutions for their pre-legal collections activity?

You see it all the time, businesses’ failing because of overdue invoices. This is mostly because a lot of the SME’s out there aren’t geared to collect debt from difficult suppliers or customers, we at Judge and Priestley Credit Solutions are. We have dedicated teams to service these accounts and take the strain away from you having to chase up your unpaid invoices, saving you money and people hours.

Our processes and strategies are set up to collect, as are our systems. Our staff are all trained to collect outstanding bills which means you as a business do not need to worry about increasing training, telephone and letter costs. We are also capable of discovering debtors that may have relocated or have had their details changed.

Ultimately, this is what we do daily, so let us take the pressure off you and let you focus on what your business does rather than shifting your focus to something else.


Q.3. If you could invite one famous person to dinner who would it be and why?

Neil Gaiman- I’ve always enjoyed his books and just think it would be a very strange and interesting conversation.


Q.4. Favourite city and why?

I’m pretty tied between Durban in South Africa, which is where I’m from. It’s a very vibrant city with so many different parts. You have the Commercial district which is manic, then 10 minutes away the beach where people are so laid back they are lying down. Then you have London where it is non-stop 24/7 which is something I think everyone should live in for a while.

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