Winning your case at court doesn’t necessarily mean you will recover monies owed to you. In some cases the default payer may continue to ignore demands for payment despite having a judgment against them. Other times the customer simply cannot afford to repay what they owe.

Whilst you have already sought judgment at this stage, there are further steps you can take to pursue the debt. Given the circumstances you may wish to consider enforcement options. There are several different routes of enforcement you can take including:

  • Instructing a High Court Enforcement Officer to seize goods
  • Instructing a High Court Enforcement Officer to enforce judgment via a third party debt order, charging order or attachment of earnings order
  • Commencing bankruptcy
  • Winding up proceedings
  • Liquidation
  • Order for Sale
  • Insolvency

Our defended litigation team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in pursuing enforcement options. They are able to recommend which method of enforcement is most suitable for your individual case and circumstances. When advising which route you should take we will consider the cost implications, practicalities and likelihood of success.


Strictly speaking insolvency isn’t a route of enforcement, although it is an alternative form of legal action you can take to enforce judgment.

In some cases the threat of bankruptcy or winding up is enough to push customers to settle what they owe, especially when they have the means to pay.

Insolvency can be a complex process so it is important to assess the viability of taking this course of action. Our team of solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with insolvencies, liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings and can provide you with the specialist advice and support you need.

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Ultimately, our objective is to recover as much of what you are owed as possible, using the most suitable and cost-effective methods at our disposal. We’re confident that we have the legal expertise to deliver a trustworthy service that you can rely on.

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