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Trying to recover your legitimate debts from the estate of a deceased customer adds a further layer of complication to the already difficult task of collection. As explained in our Deceased Debtor Recoveries brochure, these can be some of the most difficult debts to recover. We have found this is a particular problem for our clients when they are seeking to recover adult social care debts. The temptation to ignore and ultimately write off this debt is understandably considerable, but we believe misplaced.

Working with several leading London Boroughs, J&P Credit Solutions have had considerable success in recovering significant sums in this area. Last year, for the deceased debtor cases on which we recommended further action, we collected 98.6% of the instructed debt at an average value of £16,360 per case.

As a result of these successful programmes we have developed our new Deceased Debtor Recoveries product which we would like to introduce to you personally. Key features and benefits of the new Deceased Debtor Recoveries product include:

  • Cost neutral pricing
  • Risk scoring analysis of your cases to identify which to pursue
  • Referral taskforce to support your in-house team
  • Highly experienced investigations team
  • Fully transparent case management
  • Bulk volume capability
  • Empathetic approach
  • Reputational risk management.

A more detailed overview of our products features and benefits, our approach and our successes in this area can be found in our online product brochure: Deceased Debtor Recoveries. We strongly believe we can help you to increase your recoveries, whilst being mindful at all times of your compliance commitments and good reputation.

At J&P Credit Solutions we have over 25 years’ experience of working with local authority clients, to successfully recover various debt types and have built a strong reputation in the area of Adult Social Care recoveries. J&P Credit Solutions is the specialist debt recovery division of Judge & Priestley LLP solicitors. We currently act for 12 London Boroughs and a number of other councils elsewhere in the country to collect debts across an extremely broad spectrum.


For more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss the deceased debtor product, our wider Adult Social Care services or any other aspect of local authority recoveries please call Andrew Lloyd on 020 8290 796 or complete our contact form.

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