Nilojana Nirmalan

Nilojana Nirmalan


Nilojana joined Judge & Priestley in April 2021 and works as a Paralegal in the Debt Recovery Department.


Nilojana completed her LLB at the University of Exeter and went on to graduate from the University of Law where she was awarded a distinction for her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice and LLM.

Prior to working at J&P Nilojana worked in the hospitality industry since studying at the University of Exeter and during the LPC.

Nilojana also undertook an internship with Open Plan Law, an Intellectual Property Specialist Law Firm, where she was exposed to several complex and technical matters. The internship provided an excellent gateway into the legal industry.

Outside of Work

Nilojana enjoys trying out new restaurants and bars whilst doing puzzles. She has been learning and practising Wing Tsun, Martial Arts for the last year.

Nilojana also enjoys running and going to the gym.