Roger Buss

Roger Buss

Senior SME Claims and Enforcement Officer

Roger joined Judge & Priestley in 1985 as an Account Manager, with just a few months experience at the firm he was quickly promoted to Client Manager; the same role he fulfils today.

Roger now has more than 33 years experience working for our Credit Solutions division and, as such, his knowledge in the field of debt recovery is unparalleled. He is responsible for onboarding new clients and advising on the best course of action to take when recovering debt.

Roger has a diverse client portfolio to include both individuals with just one debt and large public limited companies with numerous debts. Typically, Roger seeks to recover debts relating to the supply of goods and services, professional charges, rent arrears, school fees and advertising. He works closely with his clients to streamline their processes as much as possible and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Using our online Case Management system Roger deals with the initial demands for payment, claim forms and various enforcement actions whilst at the same time providing clients with advice as to their options for on-going matters as well as potential new matters.

Roger has extensive experience in helping clients to obtain County Court Judgments and enforce those judgments. He seeks to use the most appropriate and cost-effective method of recovery depending on the nature of the debt and circumstances of the debtor.

He also ensures that clients' instructions are managed efficiently, within the parameters of the service level agreement and in accordance with the civil procedure rules.