Legal Proceedings

Our collection strategies are data-driven which ensures maximum success and reduces your financial exposure to legal enforcement however, if your customer has refused to engage with our letters and telephone calls, and all other avenues of settlement have been exhausted, we will issue legal proceedings with your consent.

The ideal scenario is that the threat of litigation provokes a response from the customer and they make payment before the claim is issued. If the customer continues to ignore our request there may be no alternative but to start legal proceedings.

In some cases once the claim has been issued the pressure of potential mounting costs forces the customer to settle the claim before it reaches final hearing.

In other cases the default payer will defend their position. This only happens in a small number of cases that we deal with; however we are well-equipped to proactively drive your case forward and guide you through the defended claims process.

Dealing with Defended Claims

Our dispute resolution team have the legal know-how and expertise to assess the issues and merits of your claim. They will seek to achieve the best possible outcome as quickly and economically as possible.

Once a claim has become defended we will advise you on the best course of action. This may be to negotiate a settlement with the default payer so we can recover as much of the money you are owed as possible whilst avoiding delays and potential expense. Alternatively, we may recommend using a mediator to reach an agreed conclusion with your customer. Other times we may decide the best option is to take your case through the court system and let the judge decide the outcome.

We take a transparent, compliant and ethical approach to each and every case we deal with so there are no hidden costs or surprises when dealing with J&P Credit Solutions.

Whichever route we take we will always keep you updated on the progress of your case and the actual and likely costs of continuing to pursue your claim. 

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